Showing Up for Racial Justice Rhode Island (SURJ-RI) is a community of organizers working to fight for racial justice. Through discussions, community organizing, and action, we mobilize white people to act as part of a movement for racial justice with passion and accountability. We are a chapter of the national network SURJ- Showing Up for Racial Justice



We plan actions and workshops to engage white people around the system of white supremacy, and the ways we can work toward dismantling it. One of our core values is to be accountable to people of color organizing to end racism, so for this reason we commit to consulting with our comrades, colleagues, and peers as we organize actions in order to continue to follow the lead of people most impacted by racism and white supremacy. We seek to mobilize white people to act in solidarity with and add capacity to racial justice movements led by people of color.




SURJ New Member Orientation
Tuesday, October 26th, 6-7pm 
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Are you interested in getting more involved with the racial justice organizing work of SURJ RI? In this 1-hr new member orientation, you'll meet some of the organizers, learn a bit of the history, and find out all the ways to get more involved. If you haven't yet had a 1:1 with an existing member, please fill out this formand we'll be in touch about scheduling one




Critical Race Theory Teach-In with Marco McWilliams

Wednesday, November 10th, 7pm 

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WHAT: Join SURJ-RI (Standing Up for Racial Justice - Rhode Island) and TANK (Towards an Anti-Racist North Kingstown) for a teach-in with Marco A. McWilliams to discuss Critical Race Theory and local historical truths.


WHO: Marco McWilliams is a Black Studies Scholar, adjunct professor, community organizer, researcher and education consultant. He is the founder of Providence Black Studies Syllabus (PBSS); a community-based program focused on teaching Black Studies as a foundation for social change.



COST: This teach-in is sliding-scale, please pay what is a stretch for you. For some that will be $5 for others maybe $500? All funds go to compensate Marco for sharing his time and expertise.

If you are trying to figure out how much to contribute- ask yourself: How much would you pay for a body care treatment (like acupuncture, massage, a haircut)? Or for tickets to a cultural event (like a concert or sports game)? Or for an experienced tradesperson to help you see and solve structural problems (like leaky roof, crumbling foundation, etc.)? This teach-in is some of all of these things and more, please contribute an amount that represents a similar investment in healing, connecting, and building self and community care/knowledge/power. (No one will be turned away for lack of funds.)

REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-teach-in-with-black-studies-scholar-marco-mcwilliams-tickets-193622579347










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