Showing Up for Racial Justice Rhode Island (SURJ-RI) is a community of organizers working to fight for racial justice. Through discussions, community organizing, and action, we mobilize white people to act as part of a movement for racial justice with passion and accountability. We are a chapter of the national network SURJ- Showing Up for Racial Justice



We plan actions and workshops to engage white people around the system of white supremacy, and the ways we can work toward dismantling it. One of our core values is to be accountable to people of color organizing to end racism, so for this reason we commit to consulting with our comrades, colleagues, and peers as we organize actions in order to continue to follow the lead of people most impacted by racism and white supremacy. We seek to mobilize white people to act in solidarity with and add capacity to racial justice movements led by people of color.



AMOR Live! Virtual Benefit
Sunday December 12th, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Buy tickets online here

Join us on December 12th for an interactive virtual benefit for AMOR. We’ll be coming together as a community virtually to enjoy live music from local artists, time to dance and chances to win awesome raffle prizes!

The acts performing include: Orlando Hernandez, Sharad Wertheimer and more!

AMOR’s teams have been working tirelessly to address the needs of our community. Your ticket price will go towards:

❤️ Emergency/immediate legal services to protect people from ICE and other law enforcement agencies,

❤️ Connecting people with community care and mental health resources,

❤️ Supporting and tracking incidents and victims of hate crimes,

❤️ Protecting our communities against all forms of violence, especially state sponsored violence,

❤️ Leading campaigns to Shut Down the Wyatt Detention Center and other Detention centers in the region,

❤️ And supporting the campaign for a Driver’s License policy that is inclusive of undocumented folks in the state of RI. 

If you believe in this work, we welcome you to join us and help keep it going!

This month AMOR is aiming to raise $15,000 to support 5 recent & upcoming bonds from the Wyatt Detention Center!

Opportunities to bond people out of the Wyatt Detention Center are not guaranteed! So when those opportunities arise AMOR (in coordination with BIJAN) has jumped to release as many folks as possible. Over the course of the past 10 days AMOR has been able to collaborate in posting bonds for 3 people from the Wyatt.

Last week, after a long day working to pay bond for an individual from Nicaragua, AMOR’s case manager Mina took them out to eat their first meal outside of detention. He noted with relief, that this was the first time in months since he had eaten chicken that was neither over cooked nor partially raw. Moments like these we understand some of the small details that make up the experience of detention and imprisonment at the Wyatt.

We have seen a spike in opportunities to post bonds at the Wyatt.

Here are some examples of what your donation to the AMOR Legal Fund can do!

  • $10 - A ten minute phone call from detention

  • $25 - The first meal after release from detention

  • $45 - Clothes after release from detention

  • $100 - Grocery shopping after release

  • $300 - Flight back to home state after release

  • $450 - Filing Fees with USCIS

  • $500 - Consultation with a Lawyer

  • $1,500 to $7,000 to Post Bond for an individual and see them released from detention

During this pandemic your donation will help keep folks out of detention centers and away from the higher rates of COVID-19 transmission inside of prisons.

Donate here.






We use one on ones to connect with new people who are interested in getting involved in our work, to build relationships, answer questions, and help you figure out where to connect.


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